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Dr. Lippman has established a reputation as a highly skilled Westchester County cataract specialist. He offers state-of-the-art cataract surgical treatment, which includes cataract removal, anterior segment reconstruction and implantation of premium lenses such as Crystalens. In addition, Dr. Lippman has many years' experience helping glaucoma patients and those in need of corneal transplants.

Dr. Lippman is a highly regarded Westchester laser eye surgery specialists. In addition to performing LASIK, including the revolutionary iLASIK (bladeless LASIK) procedure, he also specializes in PRK laser vision correction. To help patients throughout Westchester County who desire to reduce their dependence on glasses but cannot undergo LASIK because they are "too nearsighted", Dr. Lippman offers the leading-edge Visian ICL lens implantation treatment.

The mission of this website is to deliver essential, high quality information for patients throughout Westchester County, including New Rochelle and White Plains, who are considering LASIK, PRK, premium lens implant cataract surgery and many other ophthalmic procedures. We understand that the decision to have laser vision correction, cataract surgery or any other eye treatment is a very important, complex choice. In fact, this decision is so vital that ultimately only the patient can make it. Dr. Lippman conducts extensive consultations and provides a wealth of information to help his patients make this important decision in an intelligent, confident manner.

Dr. Lippman believes the best surgical results are obtained by a skilled surgeon paying meticulous attention to all the details before, during and after each procedure. This is why he personally treats all patients at his state-of-the-art premium cataract and LASIK Westchester facility.

Please feel free to call our office should you have any questions about LASIK at our Westchester facility, or any other procedure. We invite you to call or use our contact page to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Lippman who will help you determine which vision correction procedure is most suitable for you.

Jay Lippman, MD, FACS, ABES
Dr. Jay Lippman's Eye Care Centers

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Dr. Lippman and his team are proud to offer a wide array of premium intraocular lenses (IOLs) for their cataract surgery patients. These different leading-edge technologies have a documented history of helping patients achieve clearer vision.

Premium IOLs offered at Lippman Eyecare Centers include Toric IOLs and the accommodating Crystalens. In addition, "multifocal implants" such as ReSTOR and Tecnis are offered to selected patients. Dr. Lippman has extensive experience working with premium lenses and personally evaluates each patient to determine which IOL will provide the best results.

Please read the respective sections of this site pertaining to premium IOLs to learn how they can help with your cataract problem.

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Dr. Lippman personally designed and managed the construction of the Eye Surgery Center of Westchester. Conveniently located in lower Westchester, this fully state-licensed, Medicare-approved ambulatory surgery center offers the latest technology for cataracts and LASIK Westchester County patients. It is the only ambulatory surgery center in Westchester County devoted exclusively to ophthalmology.

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