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Crystalens in Westchester County
Dr. Jay Lippman

Crystalens Accommodating IOLs
Accommodation is the ability of the eye to focus on near and intermediate objects due to the movements of the muscles responsible for focusing the eye. Crystalens is the only FDA-approved intraocular lens that provides patients with the ability to focus naturally on objects at various distances.  As a leading Westchester County, including Mount Vernon, Rye and White Plains cataracts and IOLs specialist, Dr. Lippman is proud to offer Crystalens for patients who desire to achieve increased freedom from glasses.

Westchester County Crystalens IOLs patients are less dependent upon glasses than patients who choose monofocal IOLs. In addition, unlike multifocal IOLs that have rings which can cause optical distortions and haloes, the smooth surface of Crystalens provides undistorted vision. Most of Dr. Lippman’s Crystalens Westchester County patients achieve clear vision with excellent contrast sensitivity and outstanding clarity of color and small details.

After receiving Crystalens IOLs, about 50 percent of patients never use glasses, and more than 95 percent of patients report that they use glasses only rarely. Dr. Lippman stresses that Crystalens procedure is most appropriate for patients who desire to achieve clear distance, intermediate and near vision. While Crystalens IOLs might not provide detailed up-close vision, such as that required for reading labels of medicine bottles, they provide superb visual acuity for most other everyday tasks. 

Financing Your Crystalens Implantation Procedure

While monofocal IOLs are paid for by Medicare and/or insurance companies, Crystalens, Toric lenses and multifocal lenses are not. However, Medicare and most insurance companies do cover cataract surgery. To help patients who choose Crystalens IOLs to pay for these lenses, we offer several affordable payment options. Please let us know if you are interested in the implantation of Crystalens in Westchester County, and we will be happy to discuss various financing options. We also offer financing plans for our laser eye surgery Westchester County patients.


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